At Fitterclub we are passionate about Fitness and the importance of adapting programs based on each individuals ability, experience, current level of fitness and a realistic approach to sustainable optimum health.

Crash diets and generic one size fits all training and nutrition programs have been scientifically proven not to work. By combining world class leaders in their fields in the areas of nutrition, personal training, technology, media and data science Fitterclub finally offers an optimum bespoke fitness solution for everyone regardless of each individual’s level of fitness, age and a myriad of other personal attributes.

Through the continual gathering of data , the provision of ongoing support, access to one of over 8.7 million personalized fitness programs including scientifically designed streaming workouts and custom made meal plans Fitterclub is fast becoming the preferred option for people who want to be the best version of themselves.

Nutrition Program Architect

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    Laura Kealy MSc ANutr – Lead Nutritionist
    With over a decade of scientific experience, Laura has helped countless individuals improve their nutrition at every level. She holds a Masters in Human Nutrition and is a registered nutritionist with the UK Association for Nutrition. Laura has also educated tens of thousands of people around the world in nutrition subjects, through online courses, boasting a myriad of success stories with her tailored meal plans and advice. As an avid athlete, competing at a high level in several sports, personalised workout and meal plans are the foundations of her fitness ideology.

Your Trainers

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    Lee Murrin – Lead Trainer
    With 18 years in the industry Lee has delivered over 15,000 one to one training sessions worldwide and taught almost every type of fitness class in his long career. He has qualifications in sports and exercise science, personal training & sports therapy, and advanced qualifications in strength & conditioning, behaviour change in exercise and stress management. Lee has worked as a personal trainer in his home county of Cornwall England, in the city of London, a worldwide fitness Director for 4 years, and most recently for the last 8 years as a Lead Coach and Master Trainer for David Lloyd Leisure, incorporating over 50 healthclubs in the UK and Ireland, coaching fellow personal trainers how to get the best results. His fitness knowledge is very deep and passion is there for all to see and benefit from. He loves getting people started in exercise and on the road to a healthier more sustainable lifestyle change.
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    Georgina Hopkins
    Georgina gives Lee a close run for his money in the qualifications stakes. With a degree in theatre and dance she also brings a phenomenal level of flexibility and form. A qualified personal trainer and master trainer, head PT coach having worked in Virgin Active, David Lloyd and multiple global locations. Pre/post natal & level 4 sports massage, rehabilitation, mobility, HIIT , body pump, Zumba and barre class lead to name but a few of her specialities.
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    Denise O’Donnell
    Denise is a qualified personal trainer and supreme athlete. With over 15 years experience in the Fitness Industry, Denise has a myriad of qualifications in sprts therapy, personal training, health & fitness, Nutrition, Physical Education, Sports development and even youth fitness. Having formerly represented her country playing soccer Denise has a huge amount of experience both competing as an athlete herself and training individuals of all levels. Watch as Denise is able to work the toughest routines always with a smile on her face and infectious positive attitude everyone will benefit from.
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    James Reilly
    James is a qualified personal trainer that is most at home with high energy workouts. With specialities in HIIT, strength and core James is someone that is a stickler for form particularly with tougher progressed routines which benefits all at Fitterclub.


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